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During the last years the outlook of the wines from Granada has changed radically towards a production of quality wines with high success in the market.

This success is mainly caused by the adaptation to the new techniques of vinification, the introduction of fine grape varieties and the recuperation of autochthonous jewels, such as the Vijiriega, and the exquisite care of the vine plantations. Also the good and particular geographic characteristics of the province, with high altitude vineyards, subject to great climate contrasts and blessed by the abundant sun.

The result is wines with great personality produced with traditional cuddles: fresh and sweet-smelling white wines, tasty red wines of great complexity and sparkling wines of fine bubbles and elegant acidity.

Nowadays there is in the province has around fifty of bodegas which cultivate 5.500 hectares of vineyards, that produce between 30 and 40 million kilograms of grape per year.