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Structure and running

Legal Nature and Composition.

1. The Managing Organ is an entity of private nature, with its own legal status and full capacity to act, submitted generally to the regulations of private law.

2. The Managing Organ can participate, constitute or be related to all kind of associations, foundations and civil or trading companies, as well as to Public Administrations, establishing between them, in its case, the opportune collaboration agreements.

3. The Managing Organ of «Vino de Calidad de Granada» [Quality Wine from Granada] shall be the «Asociacion Vinos de Granada» [Granada Wine Association]. The Organs of representation, management and administration of such Association are as follows:

a) General Assembly.
b) Board of Directors.
c) President.
d) Vice-president.

4. The election of the Board of Directors, of the President and the Vice-President shall take place according to the established rules in these Regulations and the Articles of Association. The positions of President, Vice-president or member, shall be renewed every four years, and reelection is allowed. In case of cessation, for any reason, of a member, he/she shall be replaced by a substitute until the first meeting of positions’ renewal takes place. Any member shall be ceased, if during the validity of his/her position he/she or the company he/she represents are removed of the use of the protected name. Unjustified absence to three consecutive sessions or five alternate sessions shall also cause the cessation.

5. The Board of Directors of the «Asociacion Vinos de Granada» [Granada Wine Association] constituted according its Articles of Association, respecting the contents of the present Regulations and fulfilling point 1 of Article 20 of the Spanish Law 10/2007, of the 26th of November, of Protection of Origin and Quality of the Wines from Andalusia, assumes the functions established for the Managing Organs in Article 21 of the abovementioned Law which are enumerated in Article 38 of the present Regulations.